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My Awareness of Divine Guidance

I have always believed for as long as I can remember, as far back as my childhood, that every one of us has a guardian angel by our side who is with us every step of the way and of the presence of spiritual guides and ancestral guidance.

From remembering a dream I experienced as a child, to having this same dream reoccur later in life, which in reality, was a cryptic message confirming much that was to unfold and to be revealed to me, on my spiritual journey of understanding.

These events and many other experiences, taught me to trust my instincts of the inner knowing, that the spiritual realm, is only but a whisper away. There to engage with us for support and direction whenever we ask, even when we are not conscious of their presence or of us asking. For it is part of who we truly are, both of spirit and matter in unison.

Through divine transmissions received in 1998, I was guided to work with my own voice for my own physical and spiritual healing after a near fatal accident.

This had been my salvation, and was to sustain me through the earlier years of readjusting and awakening to the realisation of the purpose of cause and effect. Allowing for a new cycle of events and purpose to unfold with the passing of time.

The accident in 1998 was my awakening, one could say, a “quantum leap” into reality and all this had to offer me. Of following my intuitive thoughts and knowing, to focus and be in touch working with my psychic abilities in a new direction, whilst trusting this was the way forward for me, both personally and professionally.

There were times along the way, when I doubted my focus on this seemingly, little known practise of intuitive vocal sounding, at least in my neck of the woods, as it were. But often I can recall of white feathers appearing from know where on my pathway, in the most unexpected locations, bringing moments of sheer wonder and blissful contentment of receiving such profound reassurances, to keep on going. From other synchronized coincidences, too many of which to mention, that were confirmation for me to follow my inner knowing and follow my heart and mind’s calling; and being fortunate enough, of receiving wise guidance and teachings from indigenous elders, gentle caretakers of the land and bearers of ancestral knowing. 

This process of working intuitively with my own voice with divine guidance through this practise was to have profound influence, insight and inspiration. Since then, I have worked and followed my instincts of focusing on the elements of sound, rhythm and movement, for my own well being and the healing of others. Leading me after further evaluations, research and study, to then move forward and now encourage others to engage with sacred sound. For personal development through interaction and exploration with the power of pure sound vibrations, to discover the wonders of sacred sound and also connect you to your authentic voice for well being, A journey of self discovery and personal enlightenment, a gateway to the soul.

On reflection, I now look back with wonder, how on earth did I work through all the obstacles placed before me, in truth, “trust” in divine guidance and divine timing. Having celestial presence and beings from the realms of spiritual light, someone there to be the wings beneath my feet.

There for each and every one of us, if we but only choose to engage, to guide us through these ever changing times in our evolution and new consciousness, to embrace the unfolding new horizons with trust, love and gratitude in our hearts for new beginnings.

Our mother earth Gaia herself, made up of land and water, is a living spiritual embodiment of the forces of creation. Made of diverse elementals and beings that share her bounties, just like us humans that are living expressions of the creative forces of spiritual essence of our creator, ”Great Mystery“

Thus we need to express this truth in ways to bring healing and harmony through the living consciousness of unconditional love.

My work with both the voice itself and the numerous musical instruments that I have been guided and inspired to work with, are themselves an embodiment and an expression of the spiritual essence of sacred sound vibrations, what our ancestors called “the beginning”.
A holistic approach  that acknowledges the spiritual element of people in a traditional context.
Supporting the concept of miracles in healing, when the mind, body and spirit learn to harmonize together for sound resonance of well being.


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