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A Spiritual Renaissance

As we learn to look inwardly for answers and fulfilment through our reawakening to the realisation that there is more to life than meets the eye.

Our world exists on many levels and to many people, the physical world is the “real” world. However, our physical world only exists because it is supported by many other intricate layers, which can be understood as other dimensions or planes of being. Our own physical bodies are interwoven with several layers of light, often referred to as subtle bodies.

In fact, each and everyone of us is made up of multi faceted vibrational energies, a kaleidoscope of rainbow colours that manifest into light, form and colour. Our spiritual essence and origin, clearly displayed and recorded within our coloured energy light fields (aura).

“The most beautiful thing we
can experience is the mysterious…
to know that what is impenetrable really exists,
manifesting itself as the highest wisdom
and the most radiant beauty which
our dull senses can comprehend…”
Albert Einstein

As a spiritual healer, medium, sound healing and holistic practitioner of many years, my abilities and experience allow me to work with the principle of receptiveness and key into your enquiring needs, through divine transmissions of angel and spiritual guidance that is relayed directly to you through my musical compositions of intuitive chants and sacred sound resonance of my unique sounding bowl.
These beautiful sounds form a link between the inner life of you the individual and the source of all being.
This receptiveness is instrumental in facilitating the opportunity for healing on many levels, both emotionally and physically.

As you journey throughout my website, it will provide you with both insight and a deeper understanding of all that you are and more.

May you enjoy and receive enlightenment along your journey in life and may our pathways meet along the way.
Harmonious wishes, Faith Challinor-Wheatley



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Peace Mantra
Where there is Peace
there  is stillness
Where there is Stillness
there is order
Where there is Order
there  is union
Where there is Union
there  is harmony
Where there is Harmony 
there  is Healing 

Faith Challinor-Wheatley.

Composer of Aura-Sonic-Signature

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